holding date : 2023/08/15
45 Sessions 143 Hours

75,000,000 Rial


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The 14th training course to prepare for the capital market test

from 2023/08/15 to 2023/12/16 روز های فرد   16 الی 20 همراه با برگزاری آزمون شبیه سازی شده  

Type : Semester Package
Duration : 143 Hours
The 14th training course to prepare for the capital market test

"Iran's financial center, as the most comprehensive and reliable educational institution, organizes the capital market."

Course introduction:

With the aim of developing training and improving the knowledge of capital market activists, Iran Financial Center has organized a capital market principles exam preparation course in order to facilitate admission to capital market professional certification exams.

For a professional and targeted entry into capital market jobs, there are various professional degrees, for which it is necessary to first obtain the degree of capital market principles. This degree is a prelude to obtaining degrees such as trading, analysis, portfolio management, etc., each of these degrees has a special place in the financial markets of the country, and by acquiring them, the level of knowledge and information of people regarding the various aspects of the financial markets will increase. It will improve significantly.


Scientific and educational backgrounds required for inclusiveness:

Having a bachelor's degree or higher from domestic universities or educational institutions approved by the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology or their equivalent or a degree from foreign universities and educational institutions that is valued as equivalent to a bachelor's degree or higher by the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology be


Achievements of the course:

By participating in this training course, people will be fully prepared to participate in the capital market fundamentals exam and can then take part in the next professional exams of the Securities and Exchange Organization. Also, students will improve their knowledge level in various subjects that are the basics of the capital market by completing this training course.


Course facilities:

Granting the certificate of attendance in the training course from the financial center of Iran
Conducting a simulated test of capital market principles at the end of the course
Response and support in the class telegram group
Session recording and online viewing for at least 5 months after completion of the course



Course length:

143 hours


Day and time of holding:

Odd days: 16 to 20


Time of holding:

August 24

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