Organizational Courses

 Iran Financial Center can hold and design organizational courses in the fields of finance, investment, economics, accounting, management, marketing and sales, etc. thank to its professional instructors in various fields and complete educational equipment. It is also possible for organizations to have the instructor at the location of the employer.

Iran Financial Center has official licenses from the Securities and Exchange Organization, Insurance Research Center, Technical and Vocational Education and Training Organization, Planning and Budget Organization. The documents provided by this center can also be officially translated for submitting to international forums.

Organizational courses of the Iran Financial Center at a glance: holding more than 100 training courses, admitting more than 30,000 students, training more than 250,000 man-hour.



Popular Organizational Courses

Click on the name of each course to see the course information. Also, the syllabus and the number of hours of organizational training courses can be planned according to the needs of the employer.

  •  Combating money laundering and its detection methods (introductory) 
  • Combating money laundering and its detection methods (advanced) 
  •  Documentary credit and letters of credit 
  • Corporate governance 
  • Business Law 
  • Banking rules and regulations 
  •  Accountant of brokerage companies 
  • Industry analysis 
  •  Financial risk management 
  •  Financial statement analysis (introductory) 
  • Financial statement analysis (advanced) 
  •  Customer relationship skills 

Certificate of Attendance at Training Course

At the end of the training courses (online / in-person) students who have attended more than two-thirds of the class sessions, can receive a certificate of attendance at training courses after completing the course.

To view the types of certificates issued by Iran Financial Center, please refer to the certificate introduction page.


  • Features of Organizational Courses
  •  Employing experienced and active instructors in the fields of work 
  •  Designing the course’s syllabus according to the needs of the employer 
  •  Coordinating the day and time of the class according to a prior agreement 
  • Holding the course in three modes: in- person, online and in person-online 
  •  Providing attendance reports 
  •  Presenting educational videos of the course and uploading them on the website of Iran Financial Center 
  •  Providing a valid training certificate which can be translated officially 


Customers of Organizational Courses of Iran Financial Center

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