holding date : 2022/10/20
17 Sessions 52 Hours
67,000,000 ریال

The 1st Training Course on Professional Financing Expert

from 2022/10/20 to 2022/12/09 Thursdays   17 - 20 Fridays   9:30 - 13:30

Type : Online
Duration : 52 Hours
The 1st Training Course on Professional Financing Expert

« According to health protocols, this course is held only online »


Introduction to the course:

The first training course on professional financing expert in domestic and international financial markets


The issue of financing projects and economic enterprises has always been one of the important challenges of economic activists in this field. There are various ways to access financial resources, while in our country, the money market and banks often play an essential role. Since our country’s financing system is bank-oriented, it has created problems for economic agents as well as banks. Currently, the option of most managers to finance projects is through the money market and banks.


Providing a solution for the financing of any project requires detailed investigation and needs assessment. It is necessary to pay attention to all the cases and demands of the different departments involved in the project, including the specific conditions of the project host country, related industry, contractors, buyers, suppliers, lending banks, the issue of risks and, in general, all the departments involved in the project. Hence according to the priority and importance of each of them, you can choose an appropriate method.

In the course, the training and review of all possible methods for projects financing are fully discussed according to their types and needs; moreover, the skill of applying them are taught to students.


Course Achievements:

  • Granting the certificate of attendance in the training course by the Iran Financial Center (can be inquired)
  •  Video recording of classes and access to videos up to two months after the end of the course in the student account
  • If needed, some items can be added to the number of sessions or syllabus.
  •  Online support of the class; a group which is created on Telegram
  •  Introducing the best students of the course to financial institutions for employment
  •  Communicating between top students and financial institutions through the Iran Financial Center’s Bourse Talent website



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