holding date : 2023/02/19
86 Sessions 120 Hours
72,500,000 ریال

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ماژول سرمایه‌گذاری و اقتصاد (Invest Way)

ماژول کاربردی تحلیل بنیادی (Invest Way)

ماژول واچ لیست (Invest Way)

ماژول استراتژی انتخاب (Invest Way)

ماژول بازارهای موازی و آلترناتیو (Invest Way)

 The Second Comprehensive Course of  Bourse360

from 2023/02/19 to 2023/08/22 روزهای فرد   17 الی 20 پنجشنبه‌ها آنلاین   10 الی 13

Type : Semester Package
Duration : 120 Hours
 The Second Comprehensive Course of  Bourse360

Iran Financial Center organizes along with the financing of civilization:

"The Second boot camp of capital market analysis and trading "Bourse 360 


Course introduction:


Due to its social mission, Iran Financial Center in cooperation with Tamadon Investment Bank is holding Boot Camp for trading and analysis of capital market for the first time in Iran, entitled Bourse 360.

During this Boot Camp course, a simulated work environment is designed for the top students whose fields are related to the capital market, so they can turn their knowledge into skills by doing real projects in groups and individually.


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