holding date : 2022/12/10
12 Sessions 44 Hours

44,000,000 Rial


The1 comprehensive marketing course in the capital market

from 2022/12/10 to 2023/01/14 شنبه و دوشنبه ها   16 الی 20

Type : Online
Duration : 44 Hours
The1 comprehensive marketing course in the capital market

"Due to health protocols, this course will be held online"


Introduction to the Course:

This course is designed to train marketing specialists in the capital market. Lack of expertise related to this field is one of the issues that financial companies are facing. People who enter the capital market in the field of marketing often; They are educated in the field of finance and have extensive relationships, but they are not familiar with marketing issues. Some other people are educated in marketing who are not familiar with market principles and capital market rules, so they cannot have high efficiency in their job position.


This course is designed with the aim of training marketing specialists in the capital market so that the vacuum in this job position can be eliminated and the forces can operate with higher expertise and understanding in this field.


The course features:

  • Holding a mock test at the end of the course
  •  Giving the training package in case of registration of the full package of the course
  • Online support of the class on the telegram group
  • Video recording of classes and having access to videos until three months after the end of the course in the student account


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