holding date : 2022/08/13
10 Sessions 30 Hours
28,500,000 ریال

The 15th Comprehensive Fundamental Analysis Training Course

from 2022/08/13 to 2022/10/22 شنبه ها   17 الی 20

Type : In person-Online
Duration : 30 Hours
The 15th Comprehensive Fundamental Analysis Training Course

Due to the health protocols, this course is held physically with a few students and online.

Introduction to the course:

All successful people who make money professionally from the financial markets use certain methods of stock analysis. One of the basic and important methods for determining and analyzing the stock value of stock exchange companies is fundamental analysis. Fundamental analysis can be called as a background method for using other analytical methods, including technical analysis and trading psychology, using filters, etc.


Fundamental analysis initially helps us to find companies that have real and profitable activity and have a bright future. For example, in fundamental analysis, we discover the intrinsic value of companies' shares and compare it with the price of same shares in the market.


In the fundamental analysis training course, you can get familiar with the analysis of financial statements and reports of stock companies and in this way extract the real value of the companies' shares. The stock valuation of stock companies and the study and analysis of macroeconomics in this course can introduce you to various factors that can affect stock prices. Hence these points help you to identify companies ‘shares that are traded at a lower or higher price than their true value and to profit from them depend on your trading strategy.


Achievements of the course:

By learning fundamental analysis, students are expected to acquire the ability to analyze financial statements and reports of stock exchange companies, stock valuation of stock exchange companies, forecast companies’ dividends and have a skill of choosing optimal stocks through fundamental analysis practically. The profitability of companies, the ability and amount of sales of products, their reports and financial statements, etc. are important things that every financial market investor needs to learn and use in order to gain profit and operate optimally in the market.




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