holding date : 2023/07/20
1 Sessions 4 Hours

10,000,000 Rial


The 541st anti-money laundering training course (advanced)

from 2023/07/20 to 2023/07/20 پنجشنبه   9 الی 13

Type : In person-Online
Duration : 4 Hours
The 541st anti-money laundering training course (advanced)

Course introduction:

Referring to the letter No. 65/01/306 dated 25/08/1401 of the Financial Information Center of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Finance regarding the announcement of the minimum necessary training in the field of combating money laundering in order to hold any of the jobs in persons subject to the capital market, the details are as follows The following is used for information and necessary use. In the implementation of Note (2) of Article (145) of the Executive Regulations of Article (14) of the Addendum to the Anti-Money Laundering Law, based on the determination of the minimum training necessary for holding each of the jobs for the eligible persons, thereby the minimum educational headings of the eligible persons in three "Introductory", "intermediate" and "advanced" levels are announced separately for different audiences and job classes and are available under the same title on the information portal of the Financial Information Center at https://www.FIU.gov.ir. On this basis and with regard to the duties of the head of Article (145) of the above-mentioned executive regulations, it is necessary for the subject persons to assess the needs of designing, implementing and evaluating continuous training programs and empowering their employees in appropriate ways in order to combat money laundering. and financing of terrorism, and send its report to this center and the financial information center along with other points of suggested comments at three-month intervals.
The Financial Center of Iran, as the most reliable educational institution of financial markets in the country, is in charge of education in this field with the help of expert and active professors in the field of combating money laundering, under the supervision of the Financial Information Center (FIU.gov.ir). We are proud to provide a service in the field of combating and preventing money laundering and terrorist financing crimes to the large family of financial activists of the country by increasing knowledge and providing valid certificates.

According to the professional experience of the financial center of Iran in holding training courses, anti-money laundering courses held in the financial center of Iran will be in accordance with the standards and professors approved by the financial information center of the Ministry of Economy.


Course facilities:

Online support in the class telegram group
Course attendance certificate

Achievements of the course:

By passing this course, students are expected to acquire the necessary skills to identify financial violations and money laundering and use the basic principles of combating money laundering, the method and manner of its implementation.

In this course, students will examine a number of real and legal cases in different fields, which will be an important step in the process of becoming a professional in this field.

Course length:

4 hours

Event day:



9 to 13

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