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Laws and regulations governing investment funds

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Duration : 10 Hours
Laws and regulations governing investment funds

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Introducing the educational package:

Knowing the rules and regulations and complying with them will play a very important role in the growth and excellence of the financial institution. Lack of awareness of the laws and regulations has led to the filing of very heavy legal cases in the courts or violation cases in the authorities for dealing with violations in the Securities and Exchange Organization.

Also, considering the dynamism of the regulations governing investment funds, as well as the increasing development of investment funds and the wide range that they have had in the society in recent years, the attention of supervisory institutions to investment funds has increased, therefore familiarity with the laws and The rules and their observance have been given great importance. Therefore, by compiling this course, the most important regulatory issues related to investment funds, risks and conflicts of interest that investment funds are facing, as well as the most important violations that have occurred in recent years regarding investment funds are discussed. be discussed.


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