holding date : 2022/08/03
1 Sessions 1 Hours



(Persian intangible assete Valuation)International Webinar

from 2022/08/03 to 2022/08/03 چهارشنبه‌ 12مرداد 1401   14 الی 16

Type : Online
Duration : 1 Hours
(Persian intangible assete Valuation)International Webinar

" Iran financial center"

Persian intangible assete Valuation:

calculated intangible value (CIV) is a method of valuing a company's intangible assets, which are assets that are not physical in nature. Examples of intangible assets include brand recognition, goodwill, patents, trademarks, copyrights, proprietary technology, and customer lists



Dr.Olesya  Perechko 




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