holding date : 2022/07/12
20 Sessions 40 Hours
35,000,000 ریال

The Second Comprehensive Course of Excel Software (A to Z)

from 2022/07/12 to 2022/09/20 یکشنبه ها   18 الی 20 سه شنبه ها   18 الی 20

Type : Online
Duration : 40 Hours
The Second Comprehensive Course of Excel Software (A to Z)

Introduction to the Course:

Introductory Section:




Advanced Section:

The advanced intensive Excel course includes practical and combined Excel tips. This class is suitable for those who have good experience in using Excel and want to improve the quality and speed of their work by learning advanced tricks.


The Course Features:

  •  Granting a certificate of attendance in the course (can be inquired)
  •  Giving a letter of reference to top students to submit financial institutions
  •  Holding a final exam and issuing a certificate of completion (can be inquired)
  •  Recording of all sessions and having access to them until three months after completion of the course
  • Creating a group on Telegram for the class and contacting with the course instructor until one month after completion of the course


Achievements of the Course:

  •  Providing various forms with excellent graphics
  •  Performing personal and daily calculations such as monthly calculation of an office, a company, a residential building charges, etc.
  •  Creating various reporting software (in any work field) for others to use
  •  Creating management dashboards and very attractive, diverse, analytical and comparative reports


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