holding date : 2022/07/04
16 Sessions 45 Hours

39,500,000 Rial


The 5th comprehensive preparation course for Accounting of Investment Funds

from 2022/07/04 to 2022/09/14 دوشنبه‌ها   17 الی 20 چهارشنبه‌ها   17 الی 20

Type : Online
Duration : 45 Hours
The 5th comprehensive preparation course for Accounting of Investment Funds

"According to health protocols, this course is only held online."


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Investment funds are examples of financial institutions active in the securities market that play an important role in the general welcome of the capital market to reduce inflation and increase production and prosperity of the national economy by adopting appropriate policies.

Investment funds play the role of financial intermediaries and transform individuals' investments from direct to indirect, which in this way provide several benefits for both the capital market and the investor.


In most developed countries, investment funds are now the core of the capital market and direct large sums of non-working capital to the productive and active sections of society monthly. Investment funds in Iran are also among the emerging financial institutions in the Iranian capital market that have gained a special position in this market in recent years.



Course Achievements:

In this training course, students get familiar with different types of investment funds, executive mechanisms, accounting records, calculation of various expenses, buying and selling stocks and securities and specific issues in this field.



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