holding date : 2022/06/29
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( the Myth of Private Equity)International Webinar

from 2022/06/29 to 2022/06/29 چهارشنبه‌ 8 تیرماه 1401   15:30 _16:30

Type : Online
Duration : 1 Hours
( the Myth of Private Equity)International Webinar

"Iran Financial Center (IFC) "

Private equity investment comes primarily from institutional investors and accredited investors, who can dedicate substantial sums of money for extended time periods. In most cases, considerably long holding periods are often required for private equity investments in order to ensure a turnaround for distressed companies or to enable liquidity events such as an initial public offering (IPO) or a sale to a public company.


 Jeffrey Hooke

Senior finance lercturer at johns hopkins carey business school

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