holding date : 2023/03/05
2 Hours



(valuation of Intagible Assets)International Webinar

from 2023/03/05 to 2023/03/05 یک‌شنبه‌‍   17 الی 19

Type : In person-Online
Duration : 2 Hours
(valuation of Intagible Assets)International Webinar

"Iran Financial Center (IFC) "


Intangible assets (intangibles) are any asset that lacks physical form yet still has value for the owner. Intangibles fall into two broad categories: identifiable intangibles and value enhancement.

In the identifiable intangibles bucket is intellectual property (IP), such as patents and trademarks, customer relationships, and contracts. These assets typically have the legal right of property and can be sold or separated from the business. Owners can exploit these assets in the business, through license fees or royalties, or selling these assets. In the other category, intangibles such as work processes, skilled management, and a trained workforce provide competitive advantages and enhance the value of a going concern but cannot be sold separately from the enterprise.



Steven van Wijk


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