holding date : 2022/10/13
8 Sessions 32 Hours
25,000,000 ریال

The first comprehensive course of general accounting (especially for the labor market)

from 2022/10/13 to 2022/12/01 Thursdays   14 - 18

Type : Online
Duration : 32 Hours
The first comprehensive course of general accounting (especially for the labor market)

"Due to the requirements of the prevention of Corona, this course will be held online only."


Introduction to the Course:


Accounting is one of the most in-demand jobs in the capital market and other financial markets, and accountants and financial managers play a key role in any organization. Accounting career paths are very wide. In the capital market, all kinds of financial institutions, including brokerages, investment funds, investment banks, etc., always need experts in this field.

Despite the fact that in various universities of our country, including governmental, non-profit and Azad, many students study in the field of accounting, but the number of graduates applying for jobs in this field is less than other fields. Moreover, from a small institution to the largest factories of the country need accountants. The country needs accountants. Hence the accounting job in various companies that are active in the financial and other markets is always needed.

In order to prepare people to work in financial jobs, the Iran Financial Center designs and organizes a comprehensive general accounting course so that those working and interested in this field can acquire the necessary skills and increase their abilities in this field so that they can take advantage of related job opportunities.



Course features:

  • • Valid certificate of attendance issued by the Iran Financial Center (in case of attendance for more than two thirds of the duration of the course)

    • Holding the final exam


Achievements of the course:

• Training skilled people to be employed in the financial labor market

• Organizing general and specialized education activities in the field of accounting

• Introducing skilled students to financial institutions

• Gaining a competitive advantage and improving career prospects and dynamics for candidates

• The possibility of gaining access to some special job positions and increasing communication for candidates

• Saving employers’ time and energy for selecting and employing people


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