holding date : 2022/08/25
1 Sessions 8 Hours

10,000,000 Rial


The 519th Anti-Money Laundering Training Course (Introductory)

from 2022/08/25 to 2022/08/25

Type : In person-Online
Duration : 8 Hours
The 519th Anti-Money Laundering Training Course (Introductory)

Introduction to the Course:

This educational workshop is held in two parts. First, "getting familiar with the basics and concepts of anti- money laundering", including the definition of money laundering, the concept of dirty money and types of money, the types and elements of money laundering, the methods of money laundering, the difference between money laundering and terrorism financing, the necessity of combating it and the principles of combating money laundering. Second, "the executive processes of anti-money laundering guidelines related to each institution", including the process of knowing your customers, identifying suspicious operations and transactions, determining the duties of authorities at the anti-money laundering unit, etc.

Course features:

Granting the training course’s certificate of attendance by the Iran Financial Center (can be inquired)

Achievements of the course:

It is expected that the students by passing the course to be able to acquire the necessary skills to identify financial violations and money laundering and apply the principles of combating money laundering to implement its method and manner.

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