holding date : 2022/11/11
5 Sessions 20 Hours
16,000,000 ریال

The 3rd Training Course on Basic Metals Industry Analysis

from 2022/11/11 to 2022/12/02 پنجشنبه‌ها   15 الی 19 جمعه ها   15 الی 19

Type : Online
Duration : 20 Hours
The 3rd Training Course on Basic Metals Industry Analysis

"Due to health protocols, this course will be held online"


Introduction to the Course:

Listed firms in the capital market are placed in different industrial groups based on the nature of their activities. In the current conditions of the Iranian securities market, where the companies stocks have a relatively high correlation with the market indices and other industry peer groups, cognitive mastery and the ability to accurately analyze market industrial groups are very important.

In fact, in order to invest successfully in the stock market, in addition to analyzing each stock individually, you must also have the ability to recognize the best industries in the market so that you can invest at the best possible time. In the industry analyst comprehensive course, after explaining the basics of each industry, the key points in the analysis are examined and then the profit calculation and valuation of the sample companies are done.


Course facilities:

  • Online support of the class on the Telegram group
  •  Video recording of classes and having access to videos up to one month after finishing the course in the student’s account
  •  Certificate of attendance (if you attend more than two thirds of the course duration)

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