holding date : 2021/10/17
16 Sessions 42 Hours

35,000,000 Rial


The 3rd Course on Investment Funds Manager

from 2021/10/17 to 2021/12/12 یکشنبه‌ها   17 الی 20 سه‌ شنبه‌ها   17 الی 20

Type : Online
Duration : 42 Hours
The 3rd Course on Investment Funds Manager

"To prevent spreading Corona, this course will be held online"


Introduction to the Course:

The main factor in the success of an investment fund is its management. The manager of the fund must have enough tact and skill to make decisions, give services and communicate with the customers, so that he can manage the affairs of the fund in the best way. The fund manager must have the ability to make important decisions such as buying and selling at the right time and in a well-considered manner and strive to generate income for the fund management and unit investment trust funds owners, to ensure the organizational interests and the interests of the managers of a group. Employees in this field have the possibility of significant career growth and advancement also can easily get promoted in their career field.

In order to prepare people to work in financial jobs, Iran Financial Center designs and organizes the "Investment Fund Management" course so that employees and those interested in this field can acquire the necessary skills and increase their abilities in this field so that they can take advantage of the related job- opportunities.


Course features:

  •  granting a valid letter of reference to top students to be presented to financial institutions.
  •  Providing telephone and online consultation during the course and after the course to pave a scientific way for the students.
  •  Granting a certificate of passing the exam (taking the exam for the course).
  • Giving a letter of reference to top students to be presented to financial institutions.
  •  Holding one internship session


Achievements of the course:

At the end of this training course, it is expected that the professional competence, skill and knowledge of the students in the management of investment funds are improved in such a way that they can take over the management of these funds. In addition, the increase in income, the improvement of the job level and work prospects, and the increase in relations in the capital market are among the other achievements of this training course.




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