Picture for instructor SeyyedAli Hosseini

SeyyedAli Hosseini

دکتری حسابداری از دانشکده مديريت تهران، مدیرعامل بانک توسعه صادرات ایران

  • PhD in Accounting from the University of Tehran, School of Management
  • MA in Accounting from Tarbiat Modares University
  • BA in Accounting from University of Petroleum Industry

Work Experience:

  • Managing Director of Export Development Bank of Iran
  • Former CEO of Iran Energy Exchange
  • Former Member of the Board of Directors and Deputy Supervisor of Stock Exchanges and Issuers of the Securities and Exchange Organization

  • Instructor of Financial Information Systems, Financial Accounting, Auditing and Industrial Accounting at Tehran, Al-Zahra  and  Petroleum Industry universities