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Sepideh Rostami Nia

کارشناسی ارشد حسابداری از دانشگاه الزهرا(س)، رئیس اداره بازار مشتقات شرکت فرابورس ایران

Educational background:
Master of Accounting from Al-Zahra University
Bachelor of Accounting from Al-Zahra University
Head of Derivatives Market Department of Iran OTC Company
Former head of technology development project and research and development expert of OTC Iran
Former head of market operations of OTC Iran
educational experience:
Instructor of the training course of various types of tradable securities in the OTC markets of Iran and the financial center of Iran
Instructor of Iranian OTC Markets and New Financial Instruments Training Course in Specialized Exhibition of Stock Exchange, Insurance and Banking



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تلفن: 02162843000

واتساپ : 09912707933

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