In order to acquaint the students with the Iran Financial Center, the following rules and regulations have been drawn up.

It is recommended that esteemed students read all the rules and regulations and attend classes with full knowledge.

Online Class Rules

1. The software used in the training classes of Iran Financial Center is Adobe Connect and Skyroom software.

2. The basic condition for attending online classes is to have stable internet. The recommended minimum speed is 2 Mbps. Hence the students have to provide stable internet to participate in the classes before purchasing the training class.

3. Try to use a laptop or computer to enter the online class.

4. Please enter the classroom 15 minutes before the start.

5. Instructors of the Financial Center of Iran will spend a certain amount of time answering questions and fixing problems while teaching.

6. When the Iran Financial Center’s staff contact you about measuring satisfaction, please cooperate.

7. The recorded video of the classes is available in the students' account for one month after the end of the course.


How to cancel the training course

If you want to cancel the course for any reason after registering and paying the tuition, you can do it through one of the following ways:

1. Call the Iran Financial Center

2. Log in the account and register the cancellation request