Picture for instructor Reza Khademi

Reza Khademi

کارشناسی ارشد MBA گرایش مدیریت استراتژیک از دانشگاه تهران، عضو اسبق هیئت مدیره شرکت سبدگردان سینا

Educational background:
MBA Master in Strategic Management from the University of Tehran
Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering from Islamic Azad University
Professional qualifications:
Capital Market Principles of the Stock Exchange and Securities Organization
Commodity exchange trading from the Exchange and Securities Organization
Former member of the board of directors of Sina Basket Company
Former Master of Business Environment Analysis and Assistant CEO at Sina Financial and Investment Parent Company
educational experience:
Instructor of Comprehensive Technical Analysis Training Course in Aria Share, National Copper Industries, National Plan for Promoting Shareholder Culture, Stock Exchange
Instructor of the course on Fundamental Analysis of the Global Economy (International Market) in the Stock Exchange Hall