holding date : 2022/10/15
5 Sessions 15 Hours

10,000,000 Rial


Price Action (Boot Camp Stock Exchange 360)

from 2022/10/15 to 2022/10/29 شنبه ها   17 الی 20 چهارشنبه‌ها   17 الی 20

Type : Online
Duration : 15 Hours
Price Action (Boot Camp Stock Exchange 360)

Course introduction:

In the new world of investing, price action is a new method of market analysis that allows trading decisions to be made using real price movements, and the trader can identify entry and exit points for trading. In this method, from indicators and auxiliary tools that are often behind the current market price; It is not used and the analysis is done on a simple price chart. This method helps traders to follow the price movements and not lag behind the current market prices like most indicators and tools. In this course, it will be tried to introduce the principles of price action, components, important points of trading in the market and different styles of this method.

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