Iran Financial Center Certificates

After holding the training courses by Iran Financial Center and its agents the students receive an official certificate. Certificates issued by Iran Financial Center can be translated in all official translation offices in Iran, but do not forget your real credit which is your  expertise and experience.


The documents of Iran Financial Center can be officially translated and they are approved by the Judiciary Power and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. These documents are approved by private and governmental organizations and companies. Moreover, they can also be used as an introduction to your skills and as part of a resume. Students can also obtain international certificates from reputable foreign institutions upon request. If you are planning to immigrate, you need to know that this degree is considered as a positive point in most countries and can affect your employment.


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Certificate of attendance at a training course: at the end of the training courses (online / in-person), students who have attended more than two thirds of the class sessions can receive a certificate of attendance at training courses after completing the course.

Certificate of completion of a training course: In order to receive this certificate according to the standards defined by Iran Financial Center, students are evaluated by instructors through tests, interviews or projects and after obtaining a passing score, a certificate of success is issued by Iran Financial Center.

Letter of Reference: In some training courses of Iran Financial Center, which are held with the aim of training experts in financial markets, in addition to the certificate of success and attendance at the training course, the top students are also awarded a letter of reference and a skill verification letter.


Technical and Vocational Certificate:

Students can participate in some training courses of Iran Financial Center and after passing both theoretical and practical exams which are held by the Technical and Vocational Education and Training Organization get a certificate of proficiency approved by that organization. It can be translated officially. These certificates have two types; a certificate of attendance at short-term training course and a certificate of proficiency. There is no need to take an exam to participate in the course, but in order to receive a certificate of proficiency according to the criteria of the Technical and Vocational Education and Training Organization, the student must participate in the coordinated exams of the organization and receive a certificate of proficiency after obtaining a passing score.

These documents can be inquired on the official website of the Technical and Vocational Education and Training Organization.

Only the certificate of proficiency of the Technical and Vocational Education and Training Organization can be officially translated.

The certificate is valid in more than 176 countries.


:What we need to know about Iran Financial Center certificates

In order to prevent paper waste and protect the environment, Iran Financial Center issues its training courses’ certificates of completion electronically.

To receive the certificate of completion of the course, students who enroll in the training courses of the center, can go to the website of the center and log in to the "Certificates" section by their accounts, share the digital certificate with others or attach it to their resume after completing the training course.


The issued digital certificate has the same validity as the physical certificate and can be inquired from the website of Iran Financial Center. However, students who need the physical certificate of the training course can submit their application through their userprofile.

If you are going to be employed by a private or a governmental organization, those organizations can verify the validity of the issued certificate by referring to the.

Certificate Inquiry System" and entering the tracking code on the certificate".


Due to the cooperation of Iran Financial Center with the prestigious scientific centers of the country, the students of this center, in addition to the said training certificates, can receive training certificates from the following scientific centers.

In order to receive these certificates after completing the course and according to the type of course, the students can apply for an official certificate from those scientific centers through their account.