Picture for instructor Hamed Foqraei

Hamed Foqraei

دکتری تخصصی مالی بانکداری از دانشگاه آزاد اسلامی، مدیر بخش تحلیل و مدیریت دارایی در سبدگردان تدبیر

Educational background:

  • PhD in Banking Finance from Islamic Azad University, Research Sciences Branch
  • Master of Financial Management from the University of Tehran
  • Bachelor of Accounting from Imam Khomeini International University


Director of Asset Analysis and Management, Tadbir Portfolio Manager

Managing Director and Investment Manager, Urban Economy Investment

Investment Manager, Amir Industrial and Mining Group

Educational experience:

Instructor of the securities valuation training course at the Brokers Association

Instructor of Basic Analysis training course
Instructor of stock exchange courses