Picture for instructor Fereydoun Rahnama Rudpashti

Fereydoun Rahnama Rudpashti

دكتری مدیریت مالی و حسابداری، رئیس انجمن مهندسی مالی ایران

Academic records:
PhD in financial management and accounting from Azad University, Science and Research Unit
Master of Business Administration from Islamic Azad University, Tehran Branch
Bachelor of Public Administration from Shahid Beheshti University
Professor and faculty member of Islamic Azad University
Student Vice President of Islamic Azad University
Research assistant of Islamic Azad University
Founder and Secretary General of the Financial Engineering Association of Iran
Founder and Board Member of Management Accounting Association
Founder and member of the board of directors of the Islamic Financial Association of Iran
Vice President of Islamic Azad University Planning
Founder and Chairman of Bazarsaz Financial Engineering and Investment Research Center