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Ali Sadeghin

دکتری اقتصاد انرژی از دانشگاه علامه طباطبایی، مشاور مالی اسبق کارگزاری صنعت و معدن

:Educational background
PhD in Energy Economics from Allameh Tabatabai University
Master of Development Economics from the University of Tehran
Authoring books:
Compilation of the book Test of Capital Market Principles
Compilation of a book on micro and macro economics for the capital market test
Compilation of the book Productivity and Economic Growth in the Fourth Plan and the Vision Document
Former financial advisor of industry and mining brokerage
Former Director of Research and Development of Iran Financial Center
educational experience:
Instructor of courses in economic development, macroeconomics, microeconomics, trade and international finance
Instructor of courses for evaluation of economic plans and market analysis

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holding date : 2022/05/15
360 Hours