holding date : 2023/07/25
16 Sessions 210 Hours

Valuation skills development course

from 2023/07/25 to 2023/11/14 سه شنبه ها   17 الی 20 3 جلسه منتورینگ اختصاصی برای هر یک از فراگیران + 60 ساعت آموزش + 150 ساعت پشتیبانی روزانه و کار گروهی مستمر تحت نظر دستیاران آموزشی  

Type : Online
Duration : 210 Hours

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Valuation skills development course

"Iran Financial Center jointly organizes online and work-oriented evaluation with the school."

"With professional mentoring, support, continuous teamwork and the company of industry experts"


Mission of the course:

The Valuation School has been promoting valuation knowledge in the market for 10 years, but now, in cooperation with the Iranian Financial Center, it has focused on developing the valuation skills of market activists and experts.

Of course, all our effort and focus is to acquire the skill and insight of analysis, valuation and investment at the same time in this course.

The story of the formation of the course:

The experience of boom and bust in the years 1397 to 1402 of the country's stock market had interesting lessons for all of us in the field of analysis and valuation; Our stock market took an astronomical distance from its price-to-earnings ratio (P/E) of about 8 times and reached incredible figures of about 38 times; Almost 2 times the developed stock market! As some companies were traded between 2 and 5 times the net value of their assets (NAV) in the market, without having a favorable economic profit perspective for them; Sometimes the market value (market cap) in dollars of some automobile and basic metal companies was higher than the best foreign counterparts. At that time, it was believed that the investment paradigm had changed and it was thought that our stock market was definitely worthy of such figures. To justify this claim, unsupported methods of analysis and valuation were created; From absolute reliance on the daily value of a company's assets to comparing the market value of that company with similar foreign companies or comparing the P/E ratio of the stock market with the P/E of the residential real estate market! Actually, the method of analysis and valuation in our stock market was reversed...

But finally we saw that everything returned to its origin and showed an obvious fact to all of us more than before; Simply acquiring the knowledge of analysis and valuation does not necessarily lead to a rational decision in the market, and the void of skill development for the purpose of analysis, valuation and fundamental investment in the stock market is strongly felt;

A skill that is based on fundamental economic principles and with an integrated approach of all analysis and valuation methods as well as the experiences of all these years of the country's stock market lies in it;

A skill that does not show an incomplete picture of the company or does not have a fanatical view of a valuation method, but can be a full-view mirror and principles of analysis, valuation and investment; Of course, we all know that skill development is not the only missing piece of the puzzle of that era, but it is definitely one of the necessities to prevent its repetition;

Therefore, after long deliberations, we decided to design a course in which, with professional mentoring, continuous support from professional assistants, and the company of industry experts, we would focus on developing the participants' valuation skills, so that the course participants would analyze various companies over a period of 3 months. and value

We are determined that at the end of the course, your skills and abilities will be developed in such a way that you can analyze, value and invest independently and you can easily work in financial institutions as an analysis, valuation and investment expert.


Distinction and special opportunities of the course:

Focus on developing valuation skills
Transferring the experiences and stories of 10 years of valuing more than 400 companies in the Iranian stock market
60 hours of training and professional mentoring accompanied by a team of industry experts
150 hours of support and continuous teamwork of teaching assistants
Access to the network of experts and key experts of each industry
Granting a quarterly subscription to the BourseView analytical system
Granting a subscription to the videos required for the course (such as macroeconomics, financial statements, industry analysis, etc.)
Providing investment portfolio reform and arrangement advice to top students
Presenting a valid certificate to the learners and presenting a certificate to the top learners
Granting educational scholarships related to the course to the best learners


Time of holding:

From July 30, 1402

Tuesdays 17:30 to 20:30

for three months

Mentoring team and teaching assistants of the course:


Abbas Gamar (mentor and main instructor of the course)

Academic records:

Master's degree in financial engineering from Khwaja Nasir Toosi University of Technology
Bachelor of Industrial Engineering from Islamic Azad University


Professional qualifications:

Holder of International Certified Financial Analyst Certificate (Level 2) from the Institute (CFA)



The founder of the valuation school in the country's capital market
Manager of stock valuation and merger and acquisition unit, New Capital Funding Company
Former member of the Burhan Rating Committee


educational experience:

Lecturer of the valuation skills development course in the financial center of Iran
Lecturer of the advanced finance course (stock valuation course) at Sharif University of Technology, Faculty of Management and Economics
Lecturer of Certified Financial Analyst (CFA) course in the financial center of Iran
Mojdeh Badiollahi (mentor and supervisor of the course)

Academic records:

Master of Economic Development, Islamic Azad University
Bachelor of Theoretical Economics, Islamic Azad University



Head of Valuation and Merger and Acquisition in New Capital


Professional qualifications:

Certified International Certified Financial Analyst (CFA), Level 1


educational experience:

Lecturer of the development course of stock valuation skills in the financial center of Iran
Lecturer of valuation courses in the financial center of Iran
Mohammad Naderi (teaching assistant)

Academic records:

MBA Finance
Bachelor of Electrical Engineering



Capital market expert and analyst


educational experience:

Teaching assistant of the stock valuation skills development course in the financial center of Iran
Teaching assistant for valuation course, Sharif University of Technology, Faculty of Management and Economics (second and third shifts)
Samia Faridouni (teaching assistant)

Academic records:

Master's degree in theoretical economics, University of Tehran
Bachelor of Economics

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