holding date : 2023/10/09
30 Hours

27,600,000 Rial
25,000,000 Rial


The first step-by-step training course to trading in the capital market

from 2023/10/09 to 2023/11/13 شنبه ها و دوشنبه ها   17 الی 19

Type : Online
Duration : 30 Hours
The first step-by-step training course to trading in the capital market

"Iran's financial center, as the most comprehensive and reliable educational institution, organizes the capital market."

Course introduction:

One of the most important requirements for entering any field is having the necessary knowledge and skills for it. Therefore, according to the strong need of activists and people who have recently entered the capital market, the financial center of Iran is conducting a training course "step by step to trading" in the capital market with a simple yet specialized language, from the beginning of the path. It will be with you dear ones.
Participation in this training course is recommended for all people who intend to enter and trade and gain profit or compensate for their possible losses in the stock market.
It is expected that after completing the current course, the students will not suffer by practicing and following the important points of trading in the red days of the market with a suitable strategy and will earn a good profit in the green days.

Course facilities:

Online support in the class telegram group
Video recording of classes and access to videos up to three months after the end of the course in the student account
Certificate of attendance in the course (in case of attending more than two-thirds of the duration of the course)


Course length:

30 hours


Saturdays and Mondays


17 to 19

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