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58 Sessions 200 Hours

نهمین دوره آموزشی بازارها و ابزارهای مشتقه‌ها (Derivatives Markets)

نهمین دوره آموزشی مالی شرکتی (Corporate Issuer)

نهمین دوره آموزشی تحلیل و گزارشگری مالی (Financial Statement Analysis)

نهمین دوره آموزشی سرمایه گذاری‌های جایگزین (Alternative Investments)

نهمین دوره آموزشی اقتصاد (Economics)

English for CFA

نهمین دوره آموزشی سرمایه گذاری در بازار اوراق با درآمد ثابت (Fixed Income)

نهمین دوره آموزشی استانداردها و اخلاق حرفه ای (Ethical And Professional Standards)

نهمین دوره آموزشی سرمایه گذاری سهام (Equity)

نهمین دوره آموزشی روش‌های کمی (Quantitative Methods)

Portfolio Management

The 9th Comprehensive Preparation Course on CFA (Certified Financial Analyst( Level 1 Exam

from 2022/05/22 to 2022/09/21 چهارشنبه‌ها   16 الی 20 پنجشنبه‌ها   14 الی 20 جمعه‌ها   9 الی 19

Type : Semester Package
Duration : 200 Hours

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The 9th Comprehensive Preparation Course on CFA (Certified Financial Analyst( Level 1 Exam

Introduction to the Course:

CFA is an international certificate in the field of investment, and getting this certificate means having a wide range of work skills and commitment to professional ethics in the field of finance and investment.

In order to obtain an expert certificate, one must successfully pass the CFA exams at three levels and obtain the relevant certificates. This certificate is considered one of the most important and prestigious professional certificates in the financial field in the world, so that today it is known as the pioneer of financial industry certificates.



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