holding date : 2023/07/16
13 Sessions 33 Hours

37,500,000 Rial


The 5 training course for the professional expert of feasibility of economic projects with Comfar and Excel

from 2023/07/16 to 2023/08/22 یکشنبه ها و سه شنبه ها   17 الی 20

Type : Online
Duration : 33 Hours
The 5 training course for the professional expert of feasibility of economic projects with Comfar and Excel

Course introduction:

Before any investment, project implementation or any other economic activity, feasibility studies are required. Feasibility analysis analyzes an idea and answers the important question, "Should we implement the proposed project or not?" answers.

Investors who have business ideas or any other idea for investment in their mind, before taking any action regarding the implementation of that idea, should start proper studies about the feasibility and justification of that plan. This will definitely save time and money, and it is clear that the project will generate cash flow and profit.

Kamfar software was designed and published by the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) and is a model for calculating and analyzing the financial indicators of projects and investment plans in all fields of industry, mining and services, which is used as a specialized tool for financial and economic analysis in the feasibility process of projects. It is used industrially. In this training course, the economic feasibility of projects will be learned using Comfar and Excel software.


Achievements of the course:

Since various industries are present in the capital market of Iran and have shared their economic activity in this market, it is necessary for investors to know the advantages and disadvantages of each industry as well as the characteristics of different industries depending on their type of activity. Include these items in the way of investing and managing your portfolio. In this training course, you will get to know the characteristics and how to analyze and analyze each of the different industries, you will learn the terms specific to each industry, the relationship between these industries and their convergence and divergence in relation to each other.

After the end of the course, students are expected to have complete mastery of analysis and trading topics of companies in various industries.

Course facilities:

Online support in the class telegram group
Video recording of classes and access to videos up to one month after the end of the course in the student account
Certificate of attendance in the course (in case of attending more than two-thirds of the duration of the course)

Course length:

33 hours


odd days and Thursdays

June and July 1402


Odd days: 17 to 20

Thursdays: 15 to 18


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