PhD in Financial Management
from Imam Sadegh University

Member of Dana Insurance Board

تصویر برای مدرس  مجید امروی  Majied Amravi 

PhD student in Financial Management
from Islamic Azad University,
Science and Research Branch

Ultimate Financial Services
Investment Consulting Manager

PhD in Financial Management
from the University of Tehran

Deputy Head of Financial Markets Group,
Monetary and Banking Research Institute

PhD student in Islamic Azad University,
Research Sciences Branch

Former Vice President of Market Development
and Economic Studies of Iran Energy Exchange Company

CEO of Omid Taban Hoor Energy Management Company (Vahoor)

Member of the Board of Directors of Iran Financial Center

DBA student of Islamic capital market

PhD student in Financial Economics from Islamic Azad University

Managing Director of Iran Financial Center

Chairman of the Board of Directors of Stock Exchange Management Development and Training Company