Prophet Muhammad (PBUH):

Be united in science and do not hide your knowledge from each other, because betrayal in science is worse than betrayal in property.

Iran Financial Center, as the educational arm of the capital market, is constantly making an attempt to promote awareness, financial literacy and develop the investment culture in the country. Without understanding the basic financial concepts, people do not have enough ability to decide on their financial affairs. In fact, financial literacy is a combination of awareness, knowledge, skills, attitudes and behaviors necessary to make the right financial decisions and ultimately achieve personal financial well-being. To rank the level of financial literacy of countries, three indicators of financial knowledge, financial behavior and financial attitude are used, according to which Iran ranks 130th out of 143 countries, while Norway, Denmark, England and the United States are among the highest levels of financial literacy in the world. A prerequisite for promoting financial literacy, which is certainly one of the hallmarks of increasing well-being in society, is a lifelong journey to learning, because education is the key to your success in this field.

Financial centers in the world have a certain mission and functions, which are mainly related to the financing system development, general and specialized education in the field of finance, investment, outsourcing of financial services, and the development and improvement of business environment in general and becoming a provider of financial market information and data vendor in this area. In fact, both in developing and developed countries, financial centers have been created to provide financial and training services with unique functions and missions, so each of which has missions according to the needs of that country.

We have tried to establish the concept of the family of Iran Financial Center and offer what we knew the best to our family so that the members of this center can observe capital market developments with the maximum awareness and knowledge.

Thanks to God Almighty, 92% of satisfaction with the quality of services provided by Iran Financial Center, shows the success and fruitfulness of my colleagues' efforts in providing services and this satisfaction has made students become the most important advertisers of Iran Financial Center in financial markets.

We at Iran Financial Center believe that teaching and learning the principles of investment and proper management of financial resources will improve the quality of decision-making in financial markets. The support of the general public in this direction, the commitment to fulfill social responsibilities and gaining the students’ trust will be the most pleasant image that is imprinted on our hearts.

Sajjad Movahed